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Yes! You can bring your own items to smash.

Do Not Bring:

CRT TVs/Monitors, microwaves, thermometers, animals/taxidermy/plants , any high voltage items that poses capacitor shock (even after being unplugged), batteries, smoke alarms, light bulbs, food items, any item that has hazardous materials, any item that has liquid, any item that is pressurized, flammable, or poses explosion risk, any items that may have gas released when punctured (ex: compressors, aerosol cans, etc), items that have mold, mildew, or other liquid damage, guns or bullets, needles or other medical supplies, drug paraphernalia, any containers that held chemicals/hazardous materials (ex: gas cans) . Rampage Room can refuse any item they deem unsafe for the rage room.

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